Since 2013 The Green Box has broadend its publishing program by digital publications.
We momentarily list several text based e-books, which are readable in all standard e-book readers, as well as elaborate interactive artists’ books for iPads.


Like in Marcel Duchamp's eponymous boîte verte, in which he reproduced his works for a wider audience as an edition, THE GREEN BOX strives to translate works of art into the medium of the book, so that the distinction between the works and their documentation becomes blurred. 

New Releases

Moira Zoitl
ISBN 978-3-941644-67-0
EUR 26,00
ISBN 978-3-941644-55-7
EUR 9,00
ISBN 978-3-941644-59-5
EUR 24,00
Manon Bellet
ISBN 978-3-941644-62-5
EUR 24,00


Kader Attia
ISBN 978-3-941644-53-3
EUR 30,00
Lise Harlev
ISBN 978-3-941644-61-8
EUR 19,00
Olaf Habelmann
ISBN 978-3-941644-60-1
EUR 24,00