Marginalia draws our attention towards the territory of the overseen elements coexisting in the realm of the book itself. Text and image content of several art books designed by Anja Lutz in close collaboration with the individual artists withdraw to let appear the non-descript details: the margins, the edges, the backgrounds, the spaces between the lines...

Each book is unique in its choice of format, material, layout, composition and rhythm. Their selected pages underwent a process of transformation in which with surgical precision Lutz dissects them, layer by layer, removing the vital parts and revealing their skeleton – the actual support of the content. The results are filigree grids, fragments of images and traces of the layout that form intricately layered compositions of voids, exposing the hidden relations between the pages.

Marginalia is a research into the anatomy of the book, of the physical object, of its materiality and of its inner structure. It is an attempt at mediating the emptiness. The quiet and yet eloquent remaining spaces seem to create their own language – that of an abstract visual poetry of the book.