Andreas Pirchner

Andreas Pirchner (Stuttgart, 1977) is a musicologist, designer, and programmer engaged in contemporary audiovisual art forms involving intersections of art and science. He is particularly interested in theoretical and practical approaches towards generative and algorithmic music or design. 

In his scientific research, Pirchner investigates empirical methods and aesthetics of audiovisual art. He has published on contemporary electro-acoustic music, the history of film music, Xenakis' stochastic methods, and research of audience perception. He gave lectures about researching gamified audiovisual performances at conferences in New York and Kyoto. 

In his visual work, he is strongly focused on exploring generative, algorithmic, and data-driven forms of design. He is responsible for the visual communication of the Austrian Museums Association. 

Pirchner is currently working on his Ph.D. in Sound and Music Computing at the IEM, Graz. He teaches Creative Programming at Art University Linz and Media Technology and Designing at Ortweinschule Graz. Pirchner currently lives and works in Austria, although he might be seen in Lisbon. 

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