Stefanie Scheurell

Stefanie Scheurell was born in 1980 in Berlin, where she studied art with Prof. Rebecca Hornamong others at the UdK. Scheurell often crosses media boundaries in her work, bringing together photography, video, text, drawing and ceramics. The thematic focus is the question of identity and habitat, based on an international level across four continents.
"I investigate identities in the site-specific context of society. I analyze their cultural characteristics, qualities, meanings. I bring them into unconventional contexts in partly intermedial combinations. In this way I generate new constellations of people and their habitats and objects in our world."
Numerous project and research stays have taken her to New Zealand, Japan, Northern France, Southeast Africa and Switzerland, among other places. In New Zealand, she is researching the traditional Maori art of tattooing in collaboration with Frank Siegle. On Okinawa, which belonged to the Ryukyu Kingdom until the late 19th century, she is creating a complex of works dealing with the peculiarities of the Ryukyu island. This stay was sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service.
Since 2005 Stefanie Scheurell has exhibited regularly in Germany and internationally. Most recently concepts and models of her works were presented at the Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig and at the Kunsthalle Zürich


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Limited editions Mushroom – Christian – Juggling Props
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