Karoline Schreiber: Last Night





Karoline Schreiber
Last Night

468 pages
420 illustrations
120 x 160 mm
Hardcover, clothbound
German / English
Design: Anja Lutz // Book Design

ISBN 978-3-941644-78-6
EUR 29,00


Sladjan Nedeljkovic


Last Night unites a selection of over 400 of more than 3000 of her drawings in an artist book. Referring to the écriture automatique, the drawings develop from a method that the artist calls „automatic drawing“. Therein she allows the intuitive, unplanned and subconscious to emerge. Schreiber works with a self-defined principle according to which she makes at least one drawing a day in the same book. Last Night uncovers her attitude towards drawing: imperfection and abysses are voluptuously thermatized in reference to surrealism, be it as occasionally placed image motifs or rambling narrative pictoral inventions. She uses the explicit language of Pop and Comic and expands the pictoral world with linguistic elements – simple questions, statements, assessments – by an enigmatic component. 

Last Night
gathers a selection of the artist's illustrative works, recollections of her dreams, together with some of her paintings. Including texts by Sarah Merten and Samuel Herzog.

Book signing and drawing performance: Friday, 18 and Saturday, 19 September, 3–4pm, NY Art Book Fair, P.S.1

Book presentation: Thursday, 22 October, Buchhandlung Kunstgriff, Zurich

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