Like in Marcel Duchamp's eponymous boîte verte, in which he reproduced his works for a wider audience as an edition, THE GREEN BOX strives to translate works of art into the medium of the book, so that the distinction between the works and their documentation becomes blurred. 

A—Z presents

You are welcome to visit our independent showroom A—Z, that is directly connected to our publishing premises in Berlin.
A—Z is dedicated to the mission of rethinking the limits of graphic design and challenging its traditional perceptions. To this end, inspiring graphic designers are regularly invited to present their conceptual or formally experimental projects.

New Releases

Tine Melzer
Markus kummer
ISBN 978-3-96216-003-6
EUR 25,00
Claudia Reinhardt
ISBN 978-3-96216-005-0
EUR 29,00
Snæbjörnsdóttir / Wilson
ISBN 978-3-96216-001-2
EUR 29,00
April Gertler & Adrian Schiesser
ISBN 978-3-96216-000-5
EUR 34,00


Nicola Brandt
Frances Whorrall-Campbell
ISBN 978-3-96216-007-4
EUR 19,00
Anja Guttenberger
Peter Steininger
ISBN 978-3-96216-006-7
EUR 18,00
Jorn Ebner
EUR 15,00
Marko Ciciliani
Barbara Lüneburg
Andreas Pirchner
ISBN 978-3-96216-004-3
EUR 38,00