Curating in the Caribbean

This volume brings together a wide range of authors, all of whom were born and/or work in the Caribbean, who were invited to contribute essays which explore the current curatorial drive within the Caribbean. The theme of curatorship is considered in its broadest context, and encompasses many different projects and initiatives aimed at creating a platform for the visual arts, making visual art ‘visible’ by bringing it to a wider audience and broadening the critical discussion around it.

Curating in the Caribbean is edited by David A. Bailey, Alissandra Cummins, Axel Lapp and Allison Thompson, and contains essays by José Manuel Noceda Fernández (Cuba), Claire Tancons (Guadeloupe), Barbara Prézeau Stephenson (Haiti), Sara Hermann (Dominican Republic), Krista A. Thompson (Bahamas), Winston Kellman (Barbados), Jennifer Smit (Curaçao), Dominique Brebion (Martinique) and Veerle Poupeye (Jamaica).

Curating in the Caribbean is also available as E-book.