White Rain / Weißer Regen

The logic of water is the initial point for Harriet Groß‘ linear spatial drawings and interventions on the polyphony of rain. Here she investigates boundaries as threshold zones regarding their permeability, out of which spaces of possibility open up.

“White Rain” is a sensory event and linear structure in one. Black and white. Presence and absence. Positive and negative.
From the myriad of individual events, the rain writes its own notation of new transparent spaces. Each notation demands interpretation. As in her spatial drawings, the viewer in this book wanders through an imaginary space offering changing perspectives and references. If one follows the rhythm of the individual chapters, one is already immersed in the overall score of her drawings. There is analysing, mirroring, repeating, superimposing and composing.  And the line itself is materialised in its transition into real space. It dissects it and fans it out, only to reassemble in a new form. Minimal condensations and pauses triggered by repetition form the interstices in both temporal and spatial sequence.

The lines of her notations can be read as notations of mental processes that follow their own rhythm.  
In this way, the book “White Rain” can be read as an invitation to imagine infinite variations, like the hem in the surf of the sea writes a boundary line that redraws itself again and again. 

With texts by Frizzi Krella and Hubertus von Amelunxen.