In the series 'de)flection', artists are invited to explore reflexes and reflections on and with their own work, and to present it in form of a book.

The Years to Come

de)flection #3

Eiko Grimberg's interest is in histories and their narration. In The Years to Come he describes the story of a hitherto unexplained explosion on New York's Wall Street on 16 September 1920. From contemporary archival material and newspaper clippings, as well as from still visible historic traces, Grimberg is weaving a narrative, that does not explain the story, but enlightens how histories are formed.

Rien du Tout

de)flection #2

For de)flection #2, Maya Schweizer and Clemens von Wedemeyer have extended and transformed their first collaborative film project into book form. With the film's text, production photographs and sketches, this book is a documentation as well as an exploration of the film Rien du tout.

Le Coin du Diable

de)flection #1

Lucile Desamory works in a complex audio-visual world, mixing paper-collages, stop motion and musical films. Working with found materials such as encyclopedic illustration and magazine photographs, she produces a rich and dreamlike imageries.

For Le Coin du Diable Desamory created a surreal picture book about desires between dream and awakening.